Taras Sereda

Taras Sereda, born in 1991, is a booming Ukrainian artist. His grandfather, Alexander Shehovtcov, is a celebrated painter. Sereda attended the State Academy of Arts and Design, Kharkov, Ukraine, and arrived in New York, NY, in 2011.

After studying and practicing in the Unites States, his works appear in the best galleries and become a part of the collections all around the world.

Taras works with acril, ink, pencil, pastel pencil, ball pen, aluminium tape.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

Imago Mundi at Biennale - Venice, Italy - 2013

Imago Mundi: The Art of Humanity - Dakar, Senegal - 2014

MAP OF THE NEW ART - Venice, Italy - 2015

The Art of Humanity at The Pratt Institute - New York, USA - 2016

UNDER ONE SKY - Lincang, China - 2016

Personal Exhibition at Leon & Harper Gallery - Paris, France - 2018

This is our music (Part II) - Galerie Patricia Dorfmann - Paris, France - 2018

Ngorongoro II - Berlin, Germany - 2018

Let Us In Group Exhibition - Paris, France - 2019