Waone Interesni Kazki is an artist and muralist since 1999. 
As his name says, Waone Interesni Kazki (Interesting Tales) creates
images where spiritual and imaginative meet everyday reality.
Inspired by surrealist painters, folk history and fairytales, his art is a product
of fantasy visualized through murals, canvases and drawings.
Poliniza mural art project - Valencia, Spain - 2009
Wynwood Walls project - Miami FL, USA - 2011
Nothing special Interesni Kazki solo show at Midcity-Arts gallery - Los-
Angeles, CA,USA - 2011
The street of the World group show at Opera Gallery - New York, NY,
USA - 2012
Library Street Art Collective project - Detroit, USA - 2013
Form mural and contemporary art project - Perth,WA, Australia - 2015
Sacred Gravitation Interesni Kazki solo show at Jonathan LeVine Gallery
- New York, NY, USA - 2016
Somo Fresh Walls - Somo Cantbria, Spain - 2017
Weird Tales solo exhibition, curated by Ivan Quaroni, Antonio Colombo
Arte Conemporanea - Milan, Italy - 2017
Concrete Canvas - Victoria BC, Canada - 2018
Алхімія мотивації group exhibition. Modern Art Research Institute of the
National Academy of Arts of Ukraine - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2019