Artem Proot

Artem Proot, born in 1987, is a young Ukrainian artist who represents the low-
brow direction, works in pop-up and futurism style.

Artem Proot - a self-taught artist and muralist - started painting when he was
14 years old.
Artoholic and the book lover.
Pure color and lines characterize
the artist's style. His work is inspired by pop art culture, and many other things
that surround us.

The artist likes that the running track, basketball court or tennis court carry the
thoughts and actions that occur during the game. He does not draw
something specific. He likes it when you look at a picture and find a lot of
meaning in it. There is a point of reference, but it gives a very wide range of

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

Personal exhibition Сelebra - LabCombinat - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2012

I Love Kyiv, group show - 2012

Hydra - Bacteria - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2014

Hydra - Bunkermuz Gallery - Ternopil, Ukraine - 2014

Super Rich Kids With Nothing But Fake Friends, group show- Malaya Opera - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2015

CockTale - Nebo Art Gallery - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2015

That's Wassup 3.0 - M17 Gallery - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2017