Ivan Grabko

Ivan Grabko, born in 1993, is a young and talented Ukrainian artist, his paintings and drawings are already becoming the part of private collections in Italy, Switzerland, France and Ukraine.

Born in Zaporozhye at the age of 6 he moved to Dnipro, after the 9th grade he entered the art school. He studied at the easel painting workshop for four years, in 2011 he decided to enter the National Academy of Fine Arts in Kyiv. The first time he didn’t enter, so he went to the Lugansk Academy for the second year. A year later he returned to Kyiv, entered the Academy. In the 19th graduated from an academic degree. Throughout this period Ivan independently worked and made exhibitions.

Selected solo and group exhibitions: 

Solo exhibition – National Academy of Fine Arts - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2016

2017 март/апрель, совместно с Павелец И. Фоменко В. цикл из 5 выставок и лекций (few events) ,  университет Драгоманова.

Group exhibition – Granada, Spain – 2017

Kartonkaton auction – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2018

Group exhibiton Let Us In – Paris, France – 2019

Solo exhibition – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2019

Art Issue auction – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2019

Ukrainian contemporary artists auction – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2019

Group exhibition "empty shop across the street " – Paris, France - 2020