Mishka Bochkarev

Mishka Bochkarev, born in in 1989, two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, successfully mixes the dirty realism genre with fashion photography.

For this he was loved in the international fashion community and was invited to shoot Diesel campaign.

His photographs can often be seen in Ukrainian and foreign publications.

During childhood years Mishka changed two high schools. It was at that time that he had my first photo and video cameras and started documenting things around him. 

The ability to make anthropological research, to study environment, peoples’ reactions and emotions amazes Mishka. He explores streets everyday, seeking particular details, which could appear in shadows, wrappers, peoples actions or emotions, or in the most unexpected places invisible to passersby.


Selected solo and group exhibitions:

Group exhibition – Bursa Gallery – Kyiv, Ukraine - 2018

Kartonkaton auction – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2018

Group exhibition «UPHA made in Ukraine» – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2019

Group exhibition «Institutionalization» – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2019

Art Issue auction – Kyiv, Ukraine – 2019