ARTEM PROOT<br>Lake road<br> 80x100 cm

Lake road
80x100 cm

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Artem Proot

Lake road, 2018

Acrylic, canvas

80x100 cm

Artem Proot

Artem Proot, born in 1987, is a young Ukrainian artist who represents the low-
brow direction, works in pop-up and futurism style.

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

Personal exhibition Сelebra - LabCombinat - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2012

I Love Kyiv, group show - 2012

Hydra - Bacteria - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2014

Hydra - Bunkermuz Gallery - Ternopil, Ukraine - 2014

Super Rich Kids With Nothing But Fake Friends, group show- Malaya Opera
- Kyiv, Ukraine - 2015

CockTale - Nebo Art Gallery - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2015

That's Wassup 3.0 - M17 Gallery - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2017


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