BYLIK KSENIA <br>Operating room tiles<br>175х100 cm
BYLIK KSENIA <br>Operating room tiles<br>175х100 cm

Operating room tiles
175х100 cm

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Operating room tiles, 2020

Tapestry, wool

175х100 cm


Bylik Ksenia

Kseniya Bilyk, born in 1992, is a young Ukrainian artist who works with tapestry and wool.
She creates series of huge canvases. Each canvas is handmade, it takes an average of 3 months of work to create it. 

Kseniya’s works were already exhibited in Kyiv, Warsaw, New York and Tokyo. 

In her works the artist dissects the topics of secret medical experiments, genetic invasions and urban environment inherent in the modern cities of Ukraine. The tapestry technique was deliberately chosen as the main medium. 

Selected solo and group exhibitions:

“Ukraine Strong” group show as part of the Ukrainian fashion week - Mystetsky arsenal - Kyiv, Ukraine - 2018

Fashion Experiment 01 group show New York as part of the “Center for Ukrainian Graphic Designers” - New York, Tokyo - 2018

Outarky (For Us By Us), group exhibition at Warsaw Gallery - Warszaw, Poland- 2018 



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